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Epoxy Flooring

Our line of epoxy coatings and resurfacers allows us to offer a wide variety of solutions at a cost everyone can afford. There are many resins available, however epoxy coatings give you a great selection to pick from. Our epoxy coatings have no odor and can be put into different systems to solve almost all your resurfacing or coating needs.

Epoxy coatings come in a variety of colors and cure in a really short time. Most of our jobs are done over a weekend. If your needs are industrial or commercial, Hubenthal Painting has the epoxy coating for you. Epoxy coatings are tough enough for manufacturing plants, yet aesthetically pleasing for high profile architectural uses. Plants, kitchens, break rooms, shower rooms, and production areas.

Hubenthal Painting specializes in the installation of commercial, industrial, and residential epoxy flooring systems throughout the Franklin, Gasconade and St. Louis Counties. Our innovative epoxy flooring styles, strong supplier support, and select team of highly skilled installers have earned us the reputation as the “go to” installers in the field for both commercial and residential clients.

Hubenthal Painting has the flexibility and expertise to give you exactly what you need. Residential clients come to us for custom epoxy floor installations in garages, basements, and kitchens. Commercial clients come to us for epoxy flooring in hospitals, laboratories, veterinary clinics, showrooms, mechanic shops, schools, aircraft hangars, chemical plants, arenas, and other settings that require durability, fire and chemical resistance, dent resistance, and easy maintenance. Choosing the right floor and the right installer can transform your facility, by providing a safer, brighter, longer lasting workplace.

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